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Director – Choreographer Performer Musician Teacher Promoter

 Tayyar Akdeniz founded and owns M.E.D. Folk Tours, Inc., and is now devoting his time between Turkey and the United States. He is looking forward to sharing his love of dance and music and his knowledge of Middle Eastern culture through many dance and music events both in the USA and Turkey.

Tayyar Akdeniz was born in Kars, Turkey. He was raised in Ankara where he began performing as a child.He was influenced greatly and learned many dance and music styles from the Romany (Gypsy) population in his neighborhood in Ankara.He worked and toured with many Turkish dance ensembles throughout his childhood and adolescence and started teaching professionally at the age of 16. Tayyar learned, performed and taught hundreds of Turkish folk dances for National folk dance associations in Turkey. He toured extensively throughout the world with the prestigious Turkish State Folk Dance Ensemble and with other dance troupes.

He has performed on the stages of Bulgaria, Romania, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Mexico, Albania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cyprus and throughout the United States. He has learned dances from such well known masters as Duygu Aykal, Sonya Aslan, Gul Oya Arioba and Atlan Tekin. Tayyar has shared the stage with many very distinguished artists, musicians and singers, including Zeki Muren, Nida Tufekci, Arif Sag, Muhlis Akarsu, Izzet Altinmese, Ozay Gonlum, Belkis Akkale, Ajda Pekkan and Ibrahim Tatlises.

As a singer and musician, his skills with song, the baglama (lute), davul (drum) and kasik (wooden spoons) are much in demand. He has taught in Turkey at May 19th University, Samsum Municipal Conservatory and at Hacette University. His love of dance is evident in the sheer joy that he projects from the stage. His productions are of the highest caliber seen anywhere in ethnic dance and are virtually flawless.In 1989 Tayyar moved from Turkey to the United States, settling in New York. Since then he has worked tirelessly to keep a sense of Turkish culture alive in America, particularly for children.He has taught, organized and directed many folkloric activities sponsored by the Turkish American Youth Association, the Turkish Women’s League of America and currently continues to make a positive impact with his astonishing capabilities as the Director of Cultural Affairs for the Federation of Turkish American Associations, Inc.

His files are teaming with certificates, awards, invitations, and letters of thanks from various organizations and Turkish heads of State. In 1994, he established the award winning Turkish Fine Arts Ensemble, Inc. in New York City and toured with the group throughout the United States